Case Study

Customized Individual Coaching: Career, Interpersonal & Relationship


Beyond the organizational consulting and corporate coaching that Traci Newkirk has become known for, Individual Coaching also makes up a significant part of her work.

When working with individuals at Human Potential Advisors, Traci offers multiple programs, each built off the same methodology but with customized topics, tailored to the individual. Coaching programs offered by HPA include: Career Development, Career Coaching, Interpersonal Coaching, and Relationship Coaching.

For this case study, we dive into Traci’s work with four incredible young professionals who’ve utilized these different programs, and many of whom continue to work with Traci on their own professional development: Shaw Castleman, Hannah Osborne, Parks Schoen, and Taylor Talbot.

Specific Challenges + Program Focus

Career Development Program

The Career Development program is designed for individuals who are in a career that they enjoy but who need support in taking the next steps of professional growth.

It is often sought out by those who are at a decision point in their career, are seeking to secure a promotion, or are generally looking to jumpstart the growth of their skills and the expansion of their responsibility and influence after having reached a professional plateau.

Career Coaching Program

The Career Coaching program is designed for those who are asking, “What do I want to do with my life?” These individuals may be students or young professionals who have not yet launched into their careers or who are not confident they are in the field they want to be in.

This program is also helpful for those looking to make a career shift and who need support in narrowing down their direction and next steps. It is perfect for those who need to find clarity around how their specific strengths and interests can be leveraged to create an intentional and fulfilling career.

Interpersonal Coaching Program

The Interpersonal Coaching program is designed for those whose greatest challenges at work are interpersonal. Whether they are feeling frustrated with a micromanaging or unsupportive manager or are navigating communication difficulties or conflict with teammates, this program provides a container to address the interpersonal aspects of work life.

Relationship Coaching Program

The Relationship Coaching program is designed for those looking for support in personal relationships outside of work. They may be asking questions like, “I’m thinking about getting married; how can I be sure we’re on the same page?” or “My children are on the threshold of adulthood; how can I be intentional in creating a thriving adult to adult relationship with them?”

This program is perfect for those who are looking to deepen their self-awareness and strengthen their relationship skills to promote healthy and mutually fulfilling relationships.  

Traci helped me think about how to be myself. I’m more confident in who I am and what I have to offer, which has been the most impactful thing. It changes so much of my perspective and where I feel like I’m going in my career. I felt like Traci and I had such a good and strong relationship. I respect her a lot.
– Taylor Talbot


Working with individuals in a one-on-one coaching capacity, regardless of the program, is very different from coaching people in groups. Individual coaching requires a unique set of skills and approaches and offers specific benefits. Below are the skills and approaches needed for coaching individuals.

Focus and Customization

Sessions are tailored to the specific needs, goals, strengths, and weaknesses of a single person. Because the coaching does not need to provide value to multiple people simultaneously, the coach is free to develop a highly individualized development plan. Coaching can be customized to the personality, circumstances and goals of the individual. This laser-focused coaching can provide long-lasting results on a relatively short timeline.

Traci was a godsend. Working with her felt very intentional. It was a very individualized experience, catered to me. Traci got to know who I was fundamentally, which felt like the most beneficial part. She helped me see the types of jobs I’d be good at versus ones where I’d have a harder time.”
– Taylor Talbot

Diving Deeper

The one-on-one interactions in individualized coaching allow for a deeper level of trust and rapport. The coach can delve deeply into personal issues and explore sensitive topics more freely than in a group setting. The individual coaching container also allows the coach to provide personalized attention and extended listening, thereby cultivating a deep and thorough understanding of the individual, from which to create customized programming.

Direct and Dynamic Feedback

In individual coaching, the coachee and coach have continuous dialogue during sessions. Due to the conversational nature of this format and the confidentiality it affords, feedback can be specific and immediate. This in turn can shape the discussion in real-time, fueling deeply relevant and impactful coaching.

Traci has a great personality and embodies the ‘soft front, strong back’ idea that she teaches. She gives honest and valuable feedback but in a kind and gentle way, which I think you need both of those.
– Hannah Osborne


Based on the goals of the coachee, the coach will often assign specific homework to help with the integration of coaching content and to move development forward. This encourages a high level of investment from the coachee and empowers them to take ownership of their progress. Reviewing the homework together often yields fruitful conversation and insights into where the most valuable growth edges lie. 


The coach holds the coachee accountable for the specifics of their progress in a rigorous way not always possible in group settings. The ample, individual time afforded by one-on-one coaching allows the coach to dig into questions of progress, ensuring the concepts discussed in sessions are being effectively integrated in daily life.


During each session, the coach is measuring whether the “hot” area is being addressed and is lessening in its intensity. Likewise, the coachee is providing feedback, rating the success of the previous homework assignment and the current session. Because of the flexibility individual coaching offers, the coach is then able to fine-tune the curriculum, customizing the program to maximize impact.


By working one-on-one with these individuals through tailored coaching programs, Traci was able to help get them “unstuck” and on a path for greater personal and professional fulfillment.

For Hannah, this meant focusing on developing her leadership skills and gaining greater confidence in her new role as a team lead.

“The coaching sessions that I took with Traci really improved my ability to lead my team. Through different development tools, we were able to establish new ways to run effective meetings, create accountability charts to partner with my team, and build a "strong back, soft front" mindset when interacting with others. She was encouraging through it all while challenging me to take these new tools back to my role.”
– Hannah Osborne

For Shaw, it meant choosing to learn at a time of transition. By working to gain a greater understanding of her own strengths, she was able to find and secure the right new job.

“Traci truly has the ability to help professionals grow and evolve at any step of their career. When I began, I was discouraged and lost in my job because I felt that it wasn't my purpose in life. Traci led me through a series of tests and exercises, in which she helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses professionally, but also on a personal level. By highlighting how my individuality defined my path, Traci provided me with the tools and guidance to discover my new job, one that truly works for me.
– Shaw Castleman

For Parks, it meant gaining a deeper understanding of self, which led to a fuller life — both personally and professionally.

“In a season of self-discovery personally, Traci helped me "peel back the onion" and lean into my … strengths. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, I was able to craft a purpose statement that will be at the forefront of my life, whether that be day-to-day, career, family, or life in general. I originally went to meet with Traci for help in a career path, yet I left my time with Traci with more than a career path. I left my time with Traci leaning into my "ideal" self instead of living in my "ought to" or "should-have self" based on what the world might tell me I should be.”
– Parks Schoen

And for Taylor, it helped her gain a better understanding of self, which has allowed her to become a stronger self-advocate in all aspects of her life.

“Everything I’ve done with Traci has been successful. She’s been so helpful for me in my career and personal and professional growth.”
— Taylor Talbot

The personal testimonials shared in this case study, while not all-encompassing, provide great insight into the results these individuals have seen from working with Traci. Additionally, these aren’t minor improvements, but major “AHA” moments and resulting pivots. 

Coaching relationships require a great deal of trust and a significant amount of work to be effective. In every engagement, Traci is honored to walk alongside these individuals on their paths to develop and realize their own full human potential.

It’s clear that with the right set of skills and flexibility that allows for high-customization, individual coaching — whether career, interpersonal, or relationship — can have both an immediate and lasting impact on a person’s life and career.