Making decisions, especially those with lasting implications, can be a challenge.

Sometimes many of us know we need to make a change, but the multiple possible outcomes can seem overwhelming. And, let’s be honest, when you’re working to balance work, life, and family it can sometimes be tempting to delay difficult decisions indefinitely. Human Potential Advisors is here to help! 

During this 90-minute virtual course you will discover:

  1. The Villains of Decision Making
  2. How to use a process to make great decisions
  3. How to put a real-life decision through the process
  4. Others who are on the journey to thinking well

If you are feeling stuck or have a decision you’ve been putting off, this course is just what you need to get moving forward.

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Dates: April 13, 2023
  • Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Total Investment: $149
April 13 @ 11:30am
11:30 am — 1:00 pm (1h 30′)


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