While this class is currently full, we will be relaunching additional sessions in the future.

Sawubona is a Zulu greeting which means: “I see you.” More than words of politeness, sawubona carries the importance of recognizing the worth and dignity of each person.

We see you. We value you. You are important to us.

This is a woman only group that provides: a space for spiritually thoughtful women to process and grow into emotionally and spiritually mature followers of Christ. We are here because we desire to grow closer to Jesus and become more Christlike in our actions. Please know that we will stay curious and try and support you in your journey. But it is your journey and responsibility to grow. We won’t always be perfect and that is ok, we are still growing as well.

As a group, we choose one word to study each year and within that safe environment, the group steps gingerly through the material balancing the theory and the application in their lives.

The group opens in January and closes in March of each year. Only 2 misses are allowed.

If you are interested in being considered for this type of experience, you can submit an application by completing the Contact Form on our website. Please be sure to specifying your interest and what you hope to gain in the “message” section of the form. 

January 3 @ 6:00pm
6:00 pm — 7:00 pm (1h)

In Person

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