Thinking Well This New Year

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It’s January and we all know what that means…..good ole’ New Year’s Resolutions. 

You probably have already seen on Instagram how people are declaring their “word” of the year or setting a quote or verse for their intention. You might have seen the TikTok challenges about growth, mindset, and goal setting for 2023. While I have done ALL of these — with some success and a lot of failure — I am taking a different approach for 2023.

I want to start the year by thinking well.  

You heard that right. I am going to spend January thinking rather than doing, hustling, or accomplishing. 

What I find is that individuals are way more comfortable being busy than slowing down and spending time in solitude, stillness, or silence — all of which make them uncomfortable. It is often the silence that feels deafening because our thoughts are overwhelming. Trauma in the past goes undealt with and our triggers just keep happening again and again. So, most people try to keep from being still or being silent.

We keep busy so that we do NOT have to think. 

What would it be like to declare January as a THINKING month?

Oh sure, we all still have our jobs and our deadlines…even in January. I still need to make sure the 1099s are sent out to our consultants and get ready for tax season. But with the extra space in my day, week, or weekend — what does it look like to think well?

The research shows that a healthy, balanced week has six characteristics:

  1. Play
  2. Exercise
  3. Think
  4. Create
  5. Connect
  6. Rest


These six items are essential to keep us from burnout and help us handle the stress of life. But every time I challenge my clients to consider these six healthy principles, the one they most struggle with is THINK.  

“I don’t think you can truly understand why you are the way you are right now without being able to understand what got you to this place.” — Cathy Loerzel, The Place We Find Ourselves Podcast

Here are some questions for you to use January as your “month to think”:


  • What relationship of mine feels like sunshine?
  • What relationship of mine is draining?
  • What relationships of mine are reciprocal? (they invite you as much as you invite them)


  • How is my emotional vocabulary?
  • Can I clearly identify and clarify what I feel?
  • What stops me from expressing my emotions?


  • Am I growing in my current role?
  • Are the people closest to me at work celebrating and encouraging my success?
  • Do I enjoy at least 65% of my current role?


  • What makes me excited to get up in the morning?
  • How can I do more of what motivates me?
  • Do I have language about what motivates me?


  • What was my best day at work in 2022?
  • What was my best day at home in 2022?
  • Describe what a best week might look like.


  • Do I feel comfortable asking for what I need?
  • Do I have language to express what I might need from someone else?
  • What is my hang up about my needs?

Join me this month while I spend some time answering these questions. Before I can write any goal or make any affirmation, I must first understand what REALITY looks like for me. Be honest with yourself as you answer the above questions and let your answers motivate you to the next step.

Happy New Year and Happy Thinking Well!

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