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We believe the ability to grow and change is a superpower among human beings. We also realize that the professional and business landscape is constantly changing, which requires us to evolve and change along with it. If you or your team is ready to embrace your strengths, grow, and develop, we’re here to help you assess your needs and create the best plan to help reach your true potential.


Learning Opportunities to Help You Grow

According to scientific research, employed individuals need 31 hours of Learning and Development each year in order to grow. But what if your company doesn’t offer you these types of opportunities? Human Potential Advisors is here to fill the gap. We help you develop your own individual and leadership potential.

Assessments & Strategy

Do You Have a Way to Discover Your Blind Spots?

Sometimes business leaders and organizations need some additional, outside help to gauge and measure where they actually are when it comes to employee engagement, culture, awareness, and the growth needs of their teams. Human Potential Advisors’ various assessment platforms can help you and your company measure what truly matters and determine the right strategy to move you forward.

Traci is a Gallup Certified Q12 Practitioner trained to deliver, assess, and recommend strategies that drive your engagement higher. The Q12 Assessment uncovers 12 areas of engagement or disengagement within your organization. 

With American disengagement at a 9-year high, understanding and addressing what the Q12 Assessment uncovers is paramount to creating a culture of high engagement.

Q12 Assessment Overview:

  • Q01. I know what is expected of me at work
  • Q02. I have materials and equipment
  • Q03. Do what I do best every day
  • Q04. Recognition in last seven days
  • Q05. Supervisor/Someone at work cares
  • Q06. Someone encourages my development
  • Q07. At work my opinions seem to count
  • Q08. Mission/Purpose of company
  • Q09. Coworkers committed to quality
  • Q10. I have a best friend at work
  • Q11. Progress in the last six months
  • Q12. Opportunities to learn and grow

Traci is particularly skilled in her ability to visit your place of business and examine your cultural congruency. She looks at the physical aspects, social aspects, and relational aspects of your culture — then provides precise feedback about what is missing.

Together, with the client, Traci develops a Culture Feedback Report.

She then provides suggestions to help you self-implement the information. Or, if you prefer to have outside assistance, Traci can guide you through next steps to implement these with the help of various outside consultants.

This analysis is often the starting point for business leaders and owners to determine what they must do to drive the best culture through actionable steps for a brighter future.

Many small to medium businesses simply don’t have the time to develop a Learning and Development plan for their employees.

Our team at Human Potential Advisors has the skills to review and assess your current development plan and make recommendations — either for starting new courses or optimizing the development your organization currently has in place.

The process involves a 6-step meeting plan where we first seek to uncover your development needs and then crafts the yearly plan for you to self-implement or implement with the help of various outside consultants.

The 6-step plan includes:

  1. Meet with HR leaders and uncover development needs.
  2. Review surveys and feedback loops to identify gaps.
  3. Interview a variety of team members to understand needs. 
  4. Create a detailed yearlong plan addressing needs.
  5. Deliver the plan to leadership with suggestions on execution.
  6. Assess the development plan and growth at end of cycle.

Only 36% of individuals can name how they are feeling during an experience. Our Emotional Intelligence (EI) Survey is oftentimes the first point of information for individuals and teams to begin their EI journey.

We provide anonymous feedback to participants and allow up to six different people to respond to the survey.

We then deliver a development plan to help your employees: 

  1. Identify emotional information in themselves and others.
  2. Manage emotional information in themselves and others.
  3. Gain the ability to focus emotional energy on required behaviors to get work done.

Leadership & Development Training Programs

Customizable Training Programs That Fit Your Needs and Your Schedule

If you and your organization care about developing the unrealized human potential that you hold within your organization, having an expert in the field of Leadership & Development (L&D) can be a gamechanger. There are various topics in L&D with trainings and workshops that can be tailored to meet your team’s specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for a 1-hour, half-day, full-day, or multi-day retreat, choose what you need from the list below and our team will create the right solution to strengthen your human capital.

Looking for something else? Traci is an expert on customizing training to meet the individual needs of leaders and teams.

StrengthsFinder 1.0/2.0/3.0/Team Grid/Ambassador Training Modules

Enneagram Training Modules

The EQ Leader


Where Am I On My Career Path?

The 5 Work Needs of Humans

A Process for Thinking

A Process for Decision Making

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Building Collaboration and Curiosity in Your Workforce

Build or Break: How Your Strengths are Affecting Your Workforce

7 Elements in Healthy Confrontation

4 Needs of Followers

Developing Your Company’s Values

4DX: What Is It and How to Use It in Your Organization?

Healthy Communication Series

Healthy Hiring Principles Series (including Glare Factors and Bias Training)

Creating an Accountability Chart

Building a Culture of Accountability

Managing the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Relational Nutrients That Every Leader Needs

How to Stop Feeling Triggered

The Personality Project: 7 Self-awareness Assessments to Create Your Purpose Statement.

Team Building

Bucket Dipping: What Is It and How to Not Do It.

Building Resilience in Life and Work (Avoiding Burnout)


Take a Break from Your Typical Day for the Greatest Impact

There is something special that happens when a team of individuals takes time away from their normal work settings and comes together in a new setting. 

By simply getting to an offsite location, people are less distracted and more able to focus on individual and team growth.

Human Potential Advisors offers retreats in the fall which center around a topical study. Previous retreats have covered Trust, Necessary Endings, Prayer, Friendship, and Emotions.

Retreats are announced each July and have a limited capacity.

1-on-1 Coaching

What’s next on your journey and what’s holding you back?

Working 1-on-1 with individuals in a coaching capacity is one of Traci’s specialties and something she loves to do.

If you are feeling stuck, looking to make a change, evaluating opportunities, or simply looking to grow forward, 1-on-1 coaching might be right next step for you.

Human Potential Advisors provides three specific types of coaching for individuals:

Types of Coaching


Let Traci help you uncover your Strengths and Weaknesses to discover your desired and potential career. These coaching sessions looks deep into what might be limiting your advancement. In your final coaching class, you will work to develop and write your 10-word purpose statement, launching you into your next steps.


When 9 different assessments tell you the same thing, it’s hard to argue. In this session, we look at Strengths, Weaknesses, Blind spots, Values, Motivations, Enneagram, Work Needs, and best attributes to uncover your “Stuckness”. This coaching series promises to change your trajectory.

Talk Therapy

Sometimes, you need someone to listen, attune, comfort, validate and then direct you to your next steps. ½ the session is listening and then Traci uses questions to coach you to your next steps.

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