The HPA Approach: How We Work

Custom-Built, Adaptable Solutions

Because one size does not fit all.

Our experience tells us that in order to find the best possible solutions, you must always think outside the box. At Human Potential Advisors, you won’t find “pre-packaged” programs or defined step-by-step processes. The business landscape is constantly shifting, and so we are consistently innovating right along with it. We provide flexible, creative, custom-built solutions to meet the specific needs of each individual client we serve. No short-cuts, no exceptions.


Build Safety and Belonging to Facilitate Growth

Getting yourself and your team in alignment is key to the future success of your business. Whether you are experiencing fast growth, leading your team through the pains of organizational change, or simply needing to sharpen your skills to get to the next level, Human Potential Advisors can provide solutions to help you overcome any challenge.

Services to Align

Healthy Conflict and Accountability

We teach individuals and teams what healthy conflict looks like and the right way to hold others accountable in order to build safety and belonging within your organization.

Aligning Top Talent

We teach company leaders to understand their own individual strengths and weaknesses so they can be more effective in engaging and working with direct reports, peers, and managers.

Guide Change Management

Change in any organization can be painful. We provide companies with strategies and tools to ensure this transition goes as smoothly as possible.


Renovating & Enriching Organizational Culture

We work alongside leaders and teams to identify areas of pain or weakness, enabling us to uncover opportunities for positive forward momentum. By utilizing exercises to resolve these issues and overcome the challenges that erode culture, Human Potential Advisors can provide employees with the expertise and tools necessary for increased engagement and greater productivity — leading to higher retention rates as well as future professional and organizational growth.

Services to Strengthen

Culture Analysis, Workshops and Training

We provide a thorough culture analysis and develop a strategy to help renovate and enrich your organizational culture. We then help you to execute on the strategy by leading workshops and facilitating trainings that have been customized to address your specific areas for improvement.

Improved Hiring Strategy

We work side-by-side with executives and hiring managers to develop an improved hiring strategy that aligns with your organizational culture and future growth goals.

Intentional Celebration

We provide simple, yet effective strategies for intentional and purposeful celebration. By creating space for individual and team recognition, this not only strengthens culture, but can also lead to greater employee engagement and make your company more attractive to future candidates.


Equipping Leaders & Individuals for Success

It’s common for leaders and individuals who work in fast-growth industries and organizations to feel “stuck” – mentally, emotionally, and even physically – by their circumstances or lack of knowledge regarding what comes next. By providing safety, allowing people to be their true selves, and helping them to understand their own strengths, Human Potential Advisors can help them discover who they are, where they are headed, who they want to be, and ultimately where they want to go.

Services to Equip

Harnessing Strengths

Individuals are most productive when they are working in their strengths, so we work with you and your team to ensure each person understands where they will be the most effective. By harnessing your own individual strengths, you are taking first critical step in reaching your full human potential.

Individual and Team Growth / Development Planning

By providing the safety that allows people to be their true selves, we create the space necessary for them to discover where they want to go. We then work to create and coordinate development plans for both individuals and the organization as a whole.

Getting People Unstuck

We work with individuals to help them think beyond the current crisis or obstacle that is keeping them “stuck.” Utilizing various methods and teachings, we help individuals and teams take the necessary steps to grow — in their strengths and in other areas. Sometimes what they discover might lead them to step onto a new path. Regardless of the specific outcomes, we provide a roadmap to help each person develop their potential.

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