Are you STRETCHED or STRESSED in your job?

No matter where you are in your career — starting out or nearing retirement — determining whether your are being stretched or stressed is important to your overall job success, satisfaction, engagement, and your health. One tool that can help in your discernment is the DISC assessment. DISC is an older personality assessment that has […]

Employee Engagement: The Room Where It Happens

modern board room with sparkling waters set out on the table and a presentation screen with a blue sky and some clouds pictured

Let’s talk about Employee Engagement. According to Gallup, 2019 saw employee engagement rise to 35%, with those actively disengaged tied at its lowest 13%. This leaves 52% in the not engaged category. Keep in mind, these numbers are before the COVID-19 pandemic and the protests resulting from the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and […]

Mental Health: Tools for Your Team

image of a head with multicolored paper balls surrounding it with text that says 'mental health'

We’ve seen plenty of help in the at-home fitness arena … but not so much in the mental health department, where just about all of us are stuck right now. We’re either quarantined totally alone (and that can escalate any thoughts in our heads), or stuck in a home with the same people day after […]